Dominique Osborn

We are back with our next feature of Those That Inspire: Woman in Real Estate, Dominique Osborn! Dominique gives us the details on what got her where she is today and how she’s overcome the struggles of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship. Something a lot of women out there can relate to! Let’s dive into the Q &A…


Landlordette: Tell us a little bit about your story…how you got started and how you eventually got to where you are today!   

Dominique: I definitely didn’t get where I am without struggles. I moved out when I was 17 and dropped out of school. I ended up getting my GED, was involved in an abusive relationship, and had a daughter at the age of 18. Without formal education I struggled a lot being a single parent, raising a baby, and still trying to grow up myself! At age 21 I started getting involved in Real Estate with my now husband, Engelo. We were both young and very poor. Trying to make our mark in the world starting out with nothing. I would get up at 5am and work with him until 10am, where I would then go to my job as a waitress at a pizza shop. Afterwards, I’d come back and work with him till 10pm. He was still in the process of getting a visa as he is not from this country so he was not allowed to get a W9 job. My income supported us the best it could. We made many sacrifices, and lived off of peanut butter and $1 gas station coffee. It wasn’t easy but we had hearts of kings and huge dreams that kept us going. In 2014 we sold my husbands beat up jeep for $800 which enabled us to packed everything up into my tiny car and move 14 hours away to Toledo Ohio where we would start our turnkey real estate company called Ohio Cashflow. Now known as the most reputable and best branded company in the US.

Landlordette: We know that the road to success isn’t always easy…have their been struggles? What first comes to mind as your biggest obstacle if so?   

Dominique: A lot of the struggles are what I mentioned in the above question. A big struggle aside from this is balancing being a mom and an entrepreneur/business owner. It is very difficult and you always feel you lack in one area or the other.

Landlordette: How did you overcome this struggle? What advice would you give to those in difficult situations today?    

DominiqueI had to come to terms a little with the fact that I could not succeed by doing theDomi.4 ‘norm’ working 8 hours a day and going home and ‘switching off’ I NEEDED to put in the hours, and that did cause me to sacrifice time with my young daughter. However now I’m 26 and she is 7 and I have the capacity to, somewhat, control my own hours. I have worked to a point were I dictate a certain amount of freedom where I can spend more time with her than most parents working day jobs and struggling to make ends meet. It is a sacrifice in the beginning— but if you stick through with it, the reward is much more than one could imagine. I plan to ‘retire’ before I am 30 and focus on our lifestyle, family, and growing my daughter to be a great young lady.

Landlordette: Tell us about your company – what must we know?

Dominique: We currently have two successful companies. Ohio Cashflow and List’n Sell Realty. Ohio Cashflow is a turnkey real estate company providing passive income single Domi.5family homes in the Ohio market.  List’n Sell Realty is a revolutionary real estate broker that offers agents 100% of their commissions.

Landlordette: Love it! Let’s talk real estate…How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

Dominique:  I think technology will start taking a major toll on the real estate industry and many other industries for that fact. I am particularly interested in seeing how BlockChain will start making an impact. This is something that could replace title and closing companies and even banks one day.

Landlordette: Any shout outs? Who has played a meaningful role in getting you where you are today?    

Dominique: A huge shout-out goes to my husband Engelo. He is the most driven and ambitious individual I have ever met and he has always pushed me to do better.  And, of course, my family who have always understood, loved, and supported me– even when i didn’t make it easy for them! Lol

Landlordette: If you could have an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  

Dominique: Europe— I’ve only seen parts of it but am dying to explore it and all its different cultures and treasures.


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We had a great time talking with Dominique and hope that you’ve been inspired to keep at it, no matter where you are. If there is anyone who inspires you that you would love to learn more about, send us that suggestion here!