Rhonda Durrill

Rhonda Durrill with Avalar Austin has joined us for our latest feature. Rhonda’s real estate career came to her a little unexpectedly but she embraced it and has made a successful business out of it. Read on to find out what got her where she is today & some advice for those of us in the industry!

Landlordette: Let’s start from the beginning…give us a brief recap of who you are, where you came from, etc.!  


Rhonda: My name is Rhonda Durrill. I was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas.  Population 84! I was the youngest of 4 kids on a farm. We were livestock farmers and my mom and dad had a country store. I went to school in a very small school and graduated with about 14 people that I had known since Kindergarten.  


Landlordette: Wow! So, what inspired you to get where you are at today?  

Rhonda: I have always been a huge people person. Growing up as the youngest of four you are always putting yourself out there to get attention. I knew I wanted to go to college and did that after high school, but went into the medical field and continued with that until finding my place in real estate.

Landlordette: We love the grit and determination in this industry to pursue your passion – but like anything else, it’s not always easy. Overall, how has your journey been? Lots of ups and downs? Smooth sailing?  

Rhonda: Relatively smooth sailing. My husband has been in the same job for our entire marriage and I have followed him around for his work. When I thought we were done with moving and the kids were a little older, I started helping a friend build a couple of homes in the M streets of Dallas. That led to getting my license. We ended up moving one more time, which was to Austin. I threw myself into real estate before we were settled and it has been pretty smooth. Well, as smooth as real estate can be.Rhonda.Landlordette

Landlordette: If there have been ups and downs how did you overcome them? What advice would you give to people in that position?  

Rhonda: There are always going to be ups and downs. Real estate is a hard job on your ego. Every client we get is an interview process. There are 10 more people trying to get the job. I would say try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t get every listing or lose buyers. Just keep putting yourself out there and get as much education as you can! Make yourself the expert that everyone wants to talk to about real estate.

Landlordette: If you could, would you change anything?

Rhonda: No, I don’t think I would change a thing. Everything I have experienced has taught me a valuable lesson.

Rhonda.Landlordette.1Landlordette: Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and/or business?  

Rhonda: Yes, my first big job came by pure luck. I worked in a Neonatal Intensive Care unit in Arkansas when the helicopter team came in to pick up a baby.  After loading the baby up, the flight team told me they were looking for another team member and I should apply that day. I had the job that week. While this isn’t related to real estate I think this shows it takes a little bit of everything to make you a success in any job. Hard work, good ethics, determination, education, who you know, & a little luck.

Landlordette: Tell us a little more about your business. What must we know?

Rhonda: I work on mostly referrals and I’m a personal service agent. My clients can always talk to me and are usually very driven professionals.

Landlordette: Let’s talk real estate…what do you think will be the biggest changes in the industry over the next few years?

Rhonda: Technology. Technology is constantly changing and improving. I think it will continue to shape the way real estate evolves.

Landlordette: Any shoutouts? Any mentors? Who has played a meaningful role in getting you where you are today?  


Rhonda: My greatest cheerleader is my husband. He listens to my crazy day and is constantly building me up when I need it.  

Landlordette: A couple fun questions…If you could travel anywhere, for free, where would you go?  

Rhonda: If I could travel anywhere as much as I wanted, I would just go see my family.

Landlordette: Would you rather have an all expense paid wardrobe or vacation?  

Rhonda: I’ve had some pretty fabulous vacations already, so I’ll take the expense paid wardrobe! I always need new clothes.

New clothes are always a good thing in our opinion! If you want to find out more about Rhonda reach out to her! Check out her personal page here. You can find her on Faceboook here or email her at: rhonda@avalaraustin.com.

A huge thank you to Rhonda for taking the time to spread some inspiration with us. If you know someone who must be featured, we want to know! Send us their information here and watch out for them on our upcoming feature.